StatGenLab VM Import HOWTO


The StatGenLab virtual machine is distributed as an OVA file.  An OVA is an open standard for virtualization containers which many different hypervisors are capable of importing.  The StatGenLab VM is designed for use with VirtualBox.  While other hypervisors can be used the StatGenLab VM is distributed with the VirtualBox tools pre-installed and all development and testing has been done using VirtualBox.  This document describes the process for importing the OVA and setting up the VM in VirtualBox for optimal use on your workstation.

Before starting these instructions ensure that you have installed Oracle VirtualBox and downloaded the latest StatGenLab VM.

The examples in these instructions are for a system running Windows but are valid for OS X and, in part, Linux as well with slight alterations.

Importing the OVA

After you download the StatGenLab VM you will have a directory containing several “sum” files (if you downloaded via torrent) and an OVA file.


The “sum” files can be used to verify the OVA file.  The OVA file contains the VM that will be imported.

Open VirtualBox and click “File” then “Import Appliance”.


Click the folder icon on the right-hand side.


Browse to the location where you downloaded the VM, select the OVA, then click “Open”.


Click “Next”.


Check the box next to “Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards” then click “Import”.

The VM is configured to use 2 CPUs and 2G of RAM. If you would like to allocate additional resources to it you may do so here, but do not decrease the allocated resources. You may change the resource allocations after the VM is imported as well.


After a few moments your VM will finish importing.

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