Updates from Next-Generation Sequencing Short Course at UAB

I am helping out with hands-on computing for the 5th Annual Short Course on Next-Generation Sequencing: Technology and Statistical Methods at UAB this week. Will update this post with latest tips & tricks for attendees.

StatGenLab Shared Folders HOWTO Videos

Part 1


A short video on how to set up shared folders in VirtualBox for StatGenLab. Shared folders is just one way to copy files back and forth between your host computer and your guest computer (the StatGenLab virtual machine). In part 1, we show how to set up the shared folder using the VirtualBox Manager UI.

Part 2


In part 2, we show how to open data from the host (a PDF file), as well as copy data (the lab-examples from a UAB NGS course) to the shared folder from within StatGenLab.

StatGenLab Quick Test HOWTO Video


This is a short video showing how to check that VirtualBox and StatGenLab are installed correctly. It walks you through starting the VM, opening a new shell, testing your network connection, and stopping the VM. Also, this video discusses two common errors: the “Implementation of the USB 2.0 controller not found” and “VT-x is disabled in the BIOS” messages.


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