I’m a bit rusty at the Linux shell.

How do I use VirtualBox Shared Folders with StatGenLab?

Help! My mouse pointer is stuck inside the VM!

For VirtualBox, you can press the Host Key to give the mouse pointer back to the host operating system. By default, on Windows this is Right CTRL. On Mac, this is Left Command.

How do I turn off the VM?

To gracefully turn off the virtual machine, click Applications Menu -> Log Out -> Shut Down. Then wait for the operating system to completely shut down, which will close the VM window.

What text editors are installed?

vim, nano, emacs, and LeafPad.

How do I enter and exit full-screen mode?

For VirtualBox, press the Host Key + F.

How do I copy & paste?

If you are familiar with using the mouse to select text and right-clicking to bring up a context menu to copy, and then right-clicking again to bring up a context menu to paste, you can continue to do that here.  On a Mac touchpad, you can use a two finger click to perform a right-click.

Also, for most installed applications, including the Terminal Emulator, you can use the Edit -> Copy and Edit -> Paste menu items in the application menu.

In addition, copy and paste also works the same way it works on any other computer with Linux and X. In other words:

  • Copy is performed by a left-click mouse selection.
  • Paste is performed by a middle button click.

For most two-button mice with a wheel, a mouse wheel press is a middle button click. For a mouse with two buttons and no wheel, a middle button click can usually be simulated by pressing both the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously.

NOTE: It is important that the correct mouse driver (especially on notebook computers) is installed on the host computer and configured for middle button clicks. Otherwise, copy and paste may not work as described.